Educator insights live discussion: Why is Maths Mastery broken?

Thursday 14th December at 4 pm

Maths Mastery is fundamentally flawed for classrooms today! This outdated approach no longer takes into account the growing challenges teachers are facing with higher-than-ever-before recorded classrooms of varying abilities and needs. During our 30-minute webinar, we’ll…

Uncover the fundamental flaws in Maths Mastery

✔ Why a personalised learning journey is more achievable in maths compared to other subjects

Top tips to becoming more confident teaching maths to a classroom of differentiated needs

Discover the small steps approach that more than 5,000 teachers have switched to from Maths Mastery

Recognise each child!
Engaged students

Maths Mastery tells us that a year 1 pupil today will be learning Roman numerals in September 2027. How is that possible?

Every child is different and they need different levels of support to thrive and learn at their own pace. Without this, classes will contain a range of pupils who learn quicker and get distracted easily, while others may feel frustrated and fall behind. The fact is Maths Mastery doesn’t work for everyone!

Join our live schools discussion where we’ll be unpicking those crucial flaws that are affecting teachers and pupils today, as well as exploring a flexible psychology-proven approach that’s focused on individual progression — not general and prescriptive.

We’ll also share our small steps secret to embracing the natural laws and progression of skill, to excel pupils’ maths fluency and learning potential without limiting them based on outdated, prescriptive age milestones.

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