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More than 15000 resources

Thousands of Primary Maths Resources…

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We are committed to saving as much time for teachers as possible so that they can focus on what they love… teaching. Big Maths provides teachers with thousands of tailored primary maths resources.

Whether you need a Powerpoint for direct input or deeper learning activities, we have everything you need. So stop searching generic websites or creating from scratch and start accessing focused, tailored primary maths resources at the click of a button.

Lesson PowerPoints

Lesson PowerPoints

We have produced hundreds of lesson PowerPoints for you to download and use. Fully editable, you can customise if you wish to deliver your perfect maths lessons!

A typical Powerpoint has dozens of slides, stepping through the lesson, with prompts for children to use their whiteboards to demonstrate understanding.

Teacher Notes

Often overlooked as a resource, our detailed notes for every step of learning support teachers, enhancing subject knowledge and confidence.

Teacher Notes

These notes explain:

  • the purpose of the step,
  • what children need to remember,
  • curriculum links, and more.

Repeat question sheets

We have created thousands of Repeat question sheets for you to allow children to practice new skills. Each sheet has an accompanying sheet with answers so that children can mark their answers or peer assess.

Revisit question sheets

As you move on to teach new skills, we still recommend children revisit previous skills. We have created hundreds of Revisit question sheets for you to allow children to do just this. Each sheet has an accompanying sheet with answers so that children can mark their answers or peer assess.

Real Life Maths

In Real Life Maths, we embed the same skill into a worded question, increasing the challenge. You don’t have to worry, we have created hundreds of Real Life Maths question and answer sheets for you!

Select Questions

As children become more proficient with the skills they are learning, we increase the level of challenge by introducing worded questions. We call these ‘Select’ questions.

We have created hundreds of sheets of Select questions, with accompanying Answer sheets for pupils to work individually, with a friend or as a group.

Connect and Challenge

As children continue the journey to mastery, they begin to connect different skills to solve challenges. In our Connect and Challenge resources, questions focus on the new skill of combining previous skills.

We have created hundreds of Connect and Challenge resources, including the brilliant Prove It! cards. On these resources, there isn’t always one answer, so answer sheets aren’t always provided. We encourage pupils to work with you, a friend or as a group to explain their thinking and justify their answers.

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A Library of Books, Posters and much more!

We have numerous books, posters, musical jingles, challenge sheets, planning resources, rewards and more in the Library area of Big Maths. Everything is free to download as a subscriber!

Visit our Shop for even more!

As a subscriber you have access to everything listed above. Though we are committed to providing as much value as possible at no additional cost, we do have to charge for some maths resources such as printed posters, sticker sheets etc.

If you are not a subscriber, you can purchase these resources to use in school. Visit our shop to view these resources.

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