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Big Maths

The Best Primary Maths Programme

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Big Maths prioritises teaching Basic Skills in Primary Mathematics

All children deserve to leave primary school as fluent mathematicians, knowing their number facts and especially confident in the four main operations!

We help teachers to understand the level that a child is working at in order to inform their planning and teaching. If a child  struggles to keep up with Age-Related Expectations, we must prioritise improving their basic skills!

Best for Schools

  • Promotes fluency and mental maths skills
  • Meets all of the requirements of your curriculum
  • Costs just 23p per week for each pupil *
  • Flexible – allows you to meet the needs of your pupils
  • Schools using Big Maths have ranked in the top 2% of schools in England

* Price based on an average school of 180 pupils (That’s £1,700 to save you working it out!)

Maths Building
Recognise each child!

Best for Teachers

  • Designed to support you
  • A clear, simple, responsive method of teaching
  • Over 15,000 bespoke resources
  • Tools that reduce your workload
  • Content that boosts your subject knowledge, and makes you a more confident teacher
  • Pupils that LOVE maths!

Best for Pupils

  • An assessment system that rewards each child’s successes each week!
  • A model of progression that allows children to understand the journey they are on, and what comes next…
  • Allows teachers to teach what children need
  • No Surprises! Resources, assessments, and lessons maintain a clear format all through school.
Big Maths Online
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Proper teaching!

Big Maths is designed to be the best primary maths programme, particularly intended to help teachers to recognise the ability levels of their pupils, in effect to appreciate each child’s reality. Big Maths Online includes bespoke resources for every step of the learning journey, not to mention of course tools to simplify teaching and reduce workload. Basically, this means you use your professional judgement; respond to the needs of your pupils; at the pace that you feel is best for your class.

Informed by Research

Big Maths was developed using an evidence-based research approach, learning from experts in Cognitive Load Theory, Principles of Instruction, Neuroscience (in particular how the brain learns), and much more. We advocate an ‘I do, We do, You do’ model of teaching to encourage increased responsibility and confidence in pupils. Our framework provides teachers with a very clear teaching model that encourages strong mental maths and fluent calculation skills. Our teaching model and precision practice resources allow children to progress at pace; securing learning into long-term memory.

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