Every child has the potential to become fully numerate and teachers shouldn't have to give up their own time to achieve this.

Big Maths has innovated the way schools approach mathematics, changing the lives of pupils and teachers around the world.

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Seamless Teaching.

Our goal was clear - no one had ever looked at Maths in this way before. We knew that the only way to ensure every child becomes fully numerate was to create a framework so granular in detail that the children could see exactly what their next step of learning was.

We have taken every skill a child acquires during their learning journey and broken it down into concise learning steps.

Deeper Learning. One Step at a Time.


Teachers love Big Maths. The level of detail we provide by breaking every skill into concise learning steps empowers you to teach with confidence and with a level of knowledge seen in the most outstanding teachers.

Deeper learning is engrained into the very fabric of Big Maths. Children first of all 'master' a step, securing the knowledge in their long-term memory, before moving onto our deeper learning resources.



And Counting.

We are committed to saving as much time for teachers as possible, so that they can focus on what they love... teaching. Big Maths provides teachers with tailored resources for every learning step in the framework.

Stop searching generic websites or creating from scratch and start accessing focused, tailored resources with the click of a button.

Weekly Challenges. Assessment Redefined.


Assessment doesn't need to be boring and it doesn't need to be stressful. The Big Maths Challenges are transforming the way assessment is viewed by both pupils and teachers. The children think it is so fun that it must be for them, little do they know, it's for you. Our weekly challenges will let you know exactly which step each child has secured and the gaps they have in their learning.


For Everyone.


There is a natural order to mathematics and every skill has its place on a child's journey to becoming fully numerate. We make sure you teach the right steps at the right time so you can meet all of your curriculum's expectations.

School Changing.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it.

Tried and tested, Big Maths has transformed the lives of pupils and teachers in school around the UK. Teachers are saving hours of time, pupils are enjoying maths and standards are improving across the school, what is there not to love?

Simple, Fun, Engaging. What Are you Waiting for?

Take the first step towards changing the way you teach maths. It's time to rip up the rulebook and teach different.

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