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When you know what a child knows, you know what to teach them next!

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What makes teaching maths difficult? Teaching a class is complex! The curriculum is designed with the end in mind and does not recognise your pupils, so we approached it the right way mapping out the small, simple steps of learning from birth!

We Help You to Teach Maths!

As a small family-run business based in Wakefield, this is personal, every school, teacher, and pupil is important to us. Big maths is created to complement your subject knowledge and confidence in teaching maths.

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What makes teaching maths difficult?

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Does your class have a lot of learning gaps, a large spread of ability?

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Do you struggle to teach to Age-Related Expectations?

Teaching a class

How do you know what each child needs to be taught?


Are you frustrated by a lack of resources?

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What do you get from Big Maths?

  • Simple, logical learning steps for every skill in the Maths Primary Curriculum.
  • Thousands of brilliant, bespoke resources including Lesson Powerpoints.
  • Clever tools to Track Progress, Identify (and respond to) Learning Gaps, and Plan lessons based on your pupils.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Notes to consolidate and complement your subject knowledge.
  • Reduce your frustration, uncertainty, and workload whilst delivering precise, responsive teaching for each child!
The best Maths resource I have seen!
The Big Maths Family

Every Step of Learning for Maths

Teach With EASE

Big Maths identifies every maths skill a child needs to secure before they move into secondary education, breaking these skills down into small learning steps. Unlike the curriculum (and all approaches developed to tick its boxes for profit), Big Maths does not rely on age to know what to teach next. In Big Maths you know what each child knows, so you know what to teach them next. Teach with EASE… Ensure All Steps are Easy!

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It's so simple!

Mapped to Your Curriculum

Big Maths planning describes a minimum, yet high expectation journey. The Big Maths framework is broken down into termly chunks linked to your curriculum’s expectations. Basic Skills are always prioritised, informing which Wider Maths skills can be considered.

Getting the chronology right is key to a smooth journey. Basic Skills progress in chronological order… Counting skills feed into Learn Its (Number Facts) which feed into It’s Nothing New which, you guessed it, feed into Calculation. That’s CLIC

Getting started is simple…

Step 1
Assess Using Beat That!
Step 2
Plan your lessons
Number 3
Choose your resources
Teach Perfect Lessons!

Get It… Then Use It

Big Maths ensures every child has a solid foundation of Basic Skills that they then use and apply to wider mathematical concepts such as shape, fractions etc.


97% of teachers say their pupils enjoy Big Maths

Over 10,000 unique resources linked to learning steps

We are committed to saving as much time for teachers as possible so that they can focus on what they love… teaching. Whether you need a Lesson PowerPoint or deeper learning activities, we provide focused, tailored primary maths resources at the click of a button. Read more…

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