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Advice for Parents

We are working flat out to provide more resources and support for parents and learning at home.

Built to Help Teachers

Inspired by British Schools!

Big Maths simplifies the primary maths curriculum into a programme that encourages enjoyment, confidence, mastery of maths and, of course, meets all national expectations.

You benefit from our detailed pedagogy and powerful online platform which reduces teacher workload as a result of simplified planning and a collection of thousands of resources designed specifically for use in schools with Big Maths.

Value for Money

We want to help.

You get the best value whole school maths programme (with options for the smallest of schools). We are a small, Yorkshire based, family run business and we want to help! For us it’s personal.

We want to work with you, so tell us about your school, your objectives and you’ll get a simple, clear cost that you can afford. Please give us a call or fill out our contact form, we would love to have a chat with you.

Would you like to be in the top 2% of primary schools?

Recently, two Big Maths schools received letters from Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minster for School Standards. Globe Primary School and Rowlatts Mead Primary Academy have been congratulated for results which place them in the top 2% of primary schools! We are delighted and proud to work with both schools!

Our 10th Anniversary!

We’re celebrating our 10th birthday at Big Maths in 2020!

You benefit from our experience working with thousands of schools across the UK and internationally. We have listened to and acted on their experiences and feedback, improving Big Maths every year.

Thousands of schools have already implemented Big Maths. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of children have already enjoyed successfully becoming numerate through the Big Maths approach.

Big Maths Overview

Want to improve your school’s maths performance this year?

If you are one of the many schools in England focusing on SATs, Big Maths can help you to improve your performance!

Step Mastery Image

Big Maths the original Mastery approach!

Big Maths gives you a clear approach to bringing the majority of your class to the same point in the numeracy learning journey, so they can progress through the primary maths curriculum together. The Big Maths Planning document shows clearly defined endpoints that all pupils can master each term.

Our ‘Making it Stick’ journey gives you resources for each step, from repeated practice questions, on to worded ‘real-life’ questions, finishing with deeper problem solving. This allows you to continually challenge the more able children, hence allowing others to maintain pace, focusing on the core skill being taught. To read more about Big Maths and Mastery click below:

Enjoy our introductory video.

Big Maths Benefits

Encouraging a Growth Mindset

Your children will love Big Maths!

You will love the benefits of our Big Maths Beat That! Challenges (unique in their approach to challenging knowledge). By encouraging a child to focus on their own progress and guiding them to focus on beating their best ever score, you will increase their enjoyment of maths whilst also finding out what they can and can’t do. The challenges provide great motivation – embracing Growth Mindset principles – as a result, children believe they can constantly increase their mathematical knowledge. This shifts the classroom focus from attainment to progress.

You get clear information about Learning Gaps and the proportion of children ’on track’ (relative to age related expectations defined by the primary maths curriculum). The challenges also disguise retrieval practice, so children strengthen key learning goals in the long term memory as they complete them.

Achieve Fluency!

Your Cohesive Whole-School Number Programme

Simplify your planning and teaching, dedicating 20 minutes each day to core skills and improving fluency. Every child can secure every number fact through our ‘CLIC’ process.

  • Counting – exploring the number relationship of a fact, counting it out and deriving it for themselves
  • Learn Its – spending time simply practising and recalling the fact
  • It’s Nothing New! – applying that fact to new contexts such as everyday objects, units of measure
  • Calculation – finally those elements of number knowledge and skills can be applied to larger procedures as pre-requisite background knowledge

This simple package of CLIC then becomes a pacey daily numeracy session that always builds fluency on fluency.

Navigate every step of the Maths Curriculum with ease!

Digital Navigation

Your job is our passion! From the beginning, Big Maths has been growing and developing so we can help and support you. It has become a mature state-of-the-art digital system that allows all of the above features to be implemented in school with the absolute minimum workload for teachers and school leaders.

You can easily navigate around every little step of the primary maths curriculum. At each digital step you can access pedagogical guidance notes (to enhance subject knowledge), teacher resources to support their delivery (such as Lesson PowerPoints) and pupil activities (such as practice sheets or problem solving). This digital flexibility leads to fast, meaningful planning providing every child with a bespoke digital textbook, without the cost and rigidity of a hard-copy text book.

Big Maths can be used on tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

97% of teachers say their pupils enjoy Big Maths!


Pupil resources carefully mapped to our small steps of learning

We are committed to saving as much time for teachers as possible, so that they can focus on what they love… teaching! Big Maths provides teachers with thousands of tailored resources.

Whether you need a Lesson PowerPoint for direct input, or problem solving resources for deeper learning activities, we have everything you need! So stop searching generic websites, or creating from scratch, and start accessing focused, tailored resources at the click of a button. Read more…

Sequences of learning for primary maths

Big Maths is a systematic and structured approach to ensuring all children become numerate and then become fully rounded mathematicians. At the heart of this structure are the detailed sequences of learning. Our detailed teacher guidance for every step of learning in the Big Maths framework shows the background knowledge the child should already have in order to succeed, as well as a clear view of where that learning will head to next. This helps the teaching team to constantly improve their subject knowledge, confidence and school cohesion.

There are serious consequences for pupils when a curriculum is not sequenced or designed effectively. Gaps in pupils’ knowledge accumulate as they become layered on top of one another in a curriculum sequence.

School Inspection Update 2019

Teacher Notes

How does Big Maths improve progress and attainment across school?

You get:

  • Planning which is structured to cover all of the curriculum, from entry to leaving school.
  • Our amazing Learning Gaps feature informs teachers of each child’s needs, powered by our Beat That! challenges.
  • Detailed weekly lesson plans (including lesson PowerPoints and other resources differentiated for groups or individual pupils if necessary) can be produced easily in minutes, with a few clicks of your mouse.

With Big Maths, each child progresses through school feeling like they have had one teacher. The result is consistency, confidence and a love of maths!

Case Studies

Please take some time to read the Big Maths Case Studies provided by some amazing schools across the UK. The latest Case Study has been provided by:

Globe Primary School

As a school we can’t recommend Big Maths highly enough!


At Globe Primary School, Big Maths:
• manages pupils’ cognitive load and teacher workload
• delivers a sequential curriculum covering National Curriculum expectations, embedding old learning and making new learning doable
• provides a consistent but exciting pedagogical approach to Mathematics, enabling confident learners
• gives a robust assessment system, which easily tracks the progress, attainment and next learning steps of cohort and individuals
• offers transparency about the mathematical methods used in school

Professional Development and Support

We provide inspirational Professional Development, delivered by a team of fantastic consultants who travel the length and breadth of Britain and internationally to support schools just like yours!

Each day of training has been refined to ensure that you receive concise, powerful input that enables you to have an immediate impact on return to your classroom.

Most important, we want every colleague to enjoy their professional development! Each consultant will share a little of themselves, to help establish a rapport that makes it easier for colleagues to engage.

Delegate quote

95% of teachers say they would recommend Big Maths!

Challenge Based Assessment

Our ‘Big Maths Beat That!’ Challenges are made up of questions linked to a specific step of learning from the Big Maths framework. This allows you to immediately identify any gaps in learning. If a pupil can’t understand something, you can instantly find the point from the preceding skills where they can work forward from.

These challenges are the assessment spine of Big Maths and it is broken down into three sections. One section is solely focused on acquiring multiplication tables and number bonds. We call this section ‘Learn Its’ because that’s what children need to do; just learn it!

Each week we check Twitter for schools posting photos of children celebrating their Beat That! successes. We send a reply with a certificate for every tweet! Check it out #BigMaths

Read more…

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Informed by research

‘Cognitive Load Theory’

‘Cognitive Load Theory’ has become increasingly recognised in the teaching community. Big Maths embraced this research over 10 years ago and consequently has a well developed curriculum design that always ensures children enter new learning with the background knowledge essential for success. Read more here…

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