A Whole School Maths Framework.
Built on Basic Skills.

Our whole school maths approach uses Basic Skills as the foundation for all mathematical concepts and develops true fluency, reasoning and problem solving in a fun and engaging way.

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How Does Big Maths Work?

Every Step of Learning

Big Maths was created from the assumption of zero knowledge. First, we identified every skill a child needs to secure before mapping each step of learning needed to get them there. We recognise every step and skill a child needs before the end of Primary School.

Big Maths has linked every step of learning for every skill to your curriculum.

Get It…

Big Maths works by making sure every child has a solid foundation of Basic Skills in place before they start to use and apply it to wider mathematical concepts such as shape, fractions etc.

We do this through our dedicated Basic Skills framework called CLIC. This stands for Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation and a child journeys through them chronologically.

…Then Use It

A child’s Basic Skills will always be in place before they start learning a new concept in wider mathematical skills. This means every child will have the skills to attempt new learning with confidence and enthusiasm.

Big Maths has every learning step for shape, fractions, time, measurement and every other wider mathematical skill.

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‘Cognitive Load Theory’

‘Cognitive Load Theory’ is a title for using knowledge about how the brain learns when teaching. Ben Harding incorporated this research when creating Big Maths. ‘CLT’ is increasingly recognised in the teaching community and some of the ways Big Maths incorporates this research are:


  • Providing children with success criteria for every step
  • Applying secured knowledge to increasingly challenging contexts
  • Recognising the ‘CLT’ models for explicit instruction.
  • Incorporating the ability to teach through enquiry-based learning

Wider and Deeper Learning

We have created over 4,000 resources linked to every step of learning. These resources move a child outwards for each step as they explore new ways to apply their newly embedded skill. The final part of the journey is arriving at a Prove It moment where children have to us this new skill with a skill they have secured before and articulate the possible answers hence the name Prove It!

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