What is a Big Maths lesson like?

Teaching with Big Maths

Small, Simple Steps

Step 1

Choose Which Steps to Teach

Big Maths lessons are organised into CLIC and SAFE sessions, prioritising Basic Skills to provide the foundations for Wider Maths.

A CLIC session usually lasts for 20 minutes roughly 5 minutes spent on each area:

Normally, the rest of your lesson is used to cover wider maths, through SAFE:

  • Counting
  • Learn Its
  • It’s Nothing New
  • Calculation
  • Shape
  • Amounts
  • Fractions
  • Explaining Data
It's so simple!
The first 20 minutes of a Big Maths lesson is dedicated to Basic Skills (CLIC) with the remaining 40 minutes focused on the rest of the maths curriculum.
Step 2

Develop Your Subject Knowledge

Teacher Notes

Every learning step in the Big Maths framework has in-depth teacher guidance on how to introduce the step and guidance on what to look out for as you teach your lesson. These are great for creating a consistency of teaching across school and are invaluable to teachers who aren’t confident in maths.

Number 3

Select Your Perfect Resources

No lesson would be complete without a comprehensive set of resources. Big Maths has over 15,000 resources linked to steps throughout the framework allowing you to differentiate for pupils on the same step.

Bespoke resources
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