Big Maths Testimonials

The following testimonials were shared by wonderful teachers who use Big Maths in their classrooms. We are extremely humbled and grateful. We always try our best, so it means a lot to receive feedback from teachers, especially when they tell us how Big Maths has helped in their school. If you would like to share your experiences and thoughts regarding Big Maths, please use our contact form.

Big Maths has been an integral part of my teaching for a number of years. The website is easy to navigate and has a wealth of resources to support the learning and teaching process. I have watched my pupils make amazing progress from instant recall of number facts through regularly revisiting the Learn Its to understanding SAFE concepts with confidence. I would highly recommend this resource!

Maths Leader, Falrkirk, Scotland

Big Maths has provided us with clear progression across our whole school where each step is broken down into steps that children can actually understand. As a school we love the online recording system and the way in which it helps plug any gaps to teaching and learning. Since using Big Maths the children in our school are enthused and gaining confidence-they can’t wait for their weekly test to beat their previous score-as a staff we have noticed how much more resilient the children are!

Teacher, Durham, England

As a shared headteacher of two small schools, going into our fifth year of using Big Maths, I have found that the design of the CfE aligned planning, the incremental learning through progress drives, the weekly assessment process and the detailed tracking and monitoring of pupil attainment invaluable to support consistency and rigour to ensure all learners become numerate.

Headteacher, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Big Maths has completely changed my approach and attitude to teaching maths – I love it! Having really struggled with maths myself in school I really wish I had been taught these strategies as a child! They make numeracy so easy to understand in a fun and competitive way with the beat that’s and CLIC levels. Pupils and teachers have a clear progression of where they’ve come from and where they’re going and it’s fantastic to see the children really want to improve their scores each week and challenge themselves. The guides and steps make big maths so easy to teach and having taught P7 this year and seeing how all the steps the children have learnt really “clic” into place is incredible! Such a fantastic resource and I can’t imagine teaching without it!

Miss Millar, Stoneywood Primary School, Aberdeen, Scotland

As a learner, Big Maths training made sense of things I had “known” as a child, but never fully understood. As a teacher, using Big Maths helped me become confident and happy to deliver a subject I used to see as dry and uninspiring. After using the resource in nursery, reception and Year 3; I can honestly say that the way planning and progression steps are set out has been a massive help. My particular favourite part of the online process is the “learning gaps” where we can easily identify and cater for the needs of every child. Basically, everyone can succeed with this scheme- you really cannot “Beat That”!

Mrs D, Barry Island Primary School, Barry, Wales

Seeing myself as an advocate of discovery learning, I sometimes hesitate when considering using recall and revision tasks in class. I worry that some children will be bored and turned off of maths.
However, Big Math Beat That! sheets are fun, vibrant and the pupils seem to really enjoy them (especially with some Mission Impossible music in the background).
As a teacher, it’s a great way of spotting gaps in understanding, what needs to be revised and who needs to be extended.

Blair Minchin, Edinburgh, Scotland