Learning at home with Big Maths

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Learning at home with Big Maths

As we all try to adjust to the new government advice and constraints on our ‘normal’ lives, more and more parents are trying to help their children to learn at home. Though we have thousands of resources and a wealth of detailed notes for every step of learning in the primary maths curriculum, everything has been designed for teachers. We are currently working as hard as possible to convert these resources to help parents to support learning at home with Big Maths. Children should enjoy maths, have fun learning new skills, so Big Maths has friendly characters and simple names instead of complex academic terms. Read more…


We have asked schools and teachers to send help and advice home with each child and recommend that this advice is followed. However, we do understand how difficult the current situation is for everyone and are working as hard as possible to help. We have shared packs of advice linked to the CLIC challenges with teachers, and asked them to share the relevant pack with children/parents. We have also asked teachers to share their priorities and the questions they would like you to focus on, to help you to understand how to best help your children. These packs also provide sample resources linked to each question, which can help you to advise children and practice the number skills required to get the questions correct.

Guide to Completing the Challenges Online

Online Challenge Guide

Children can complete the Big Maths challenges (CLIC, Learn Its and SAFE) on paper or online. When completing the challenges online, you need to use the symbols and spacing described here. Using other symbols or spacing may result in questions being marked wrong. If you would like to download a PDF version of this guide, please click the button below.

Begin with just 20 minutes a day!

Don't panic, have some fun!

Big Maths is all about making maths fun and simple for children, so that they build their confidence. Too often (as is happening to parents around the world right now) unfair expectations lead to us feeling pressure and fearing failure. Everyone is learning to cope with the new reality each day. We can’t change the current situation, but we can make it worse for children and ourselves by trying to emulate school at home.

You’re not alone!


Teachers spend years learning and perfecting their craft, it is an amazing profession and they are special people. No one expects parents to step in as substitutes for 6 hours a day. So if you’re reading this, fun comes first, then learning follows. For maths, if children spend 20 minutes working on Basic Skills each day, they will be fine when they return to school! Anything more than this is a bonus. In the first days of this new reality, treasure your children, protect them from the panic, fear and negativity; create special memories and joy.

If you have problems logging in to Big Maths Online, please ask your teacher for help. If your teacher can’t help, please email us

Basic Skills

The main priority within primary school maths provision is basic number knowledge. Our CLIC framework has the small vertical steps of progression needed to guide you and share progress with your children. Simple, numbered steps aid smooth communication and help to track learning. It may take some time to determine how well children and families adapt to learning at home in this new way, so we feel it is important to prioritise a 20 minute maths session each day and look to build from there. For younger children, we will share resources that provide the perfect simple structure for learning.

Click here to read more about our Beat That! challenges and assessment with Big Maths.

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We are working on resources to help with learning at home. These will be shared with your teachers, who can then send copies on to you. New pages with activities will be added to this website in the next few days.

Activities to try at home