Learning at home with Big Maths

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Learning at home with Big Maths

Learning at home with Big Maths increased dramatically throughout the lockdowns and disruption of 2020 and 2021. Big Maths was designed for teachers and schools, so we had to find new ways to help parents to support learning at home with Big Maths. Children should enjoy maths, and have fun learning new skills, but it is crucial to know what they know so that you ensure the next step is always easy! Big Maths has friendly characters and simple names instead of complex academic terms. Read more…

Our Characters

During school closures, we shared Parent Packs linked to the CLIC challenges and asked teachers to share them with children/parents. We asked teachers to share their priorities and the questions they would like you to focus on, to help you to understand how to best help your children. These packs also provide sample resources linked to each question, which can help you to advise children and practice the number skills required to get the questions correct.

Guide to Completing the Challenges Online

Online Challenge Guide

Children can complete the Big Maths challenges (CLIC, Learn Its and SAFE) on paper or online if they attend a Big Maths school. When completing the challenges online, you need to use the symbols and spacing described here. Using other symbols or spacing may result in questions being marked wrong. If you would like to download a PDF version of this guide, please click the button below.

Make maths fun, play games!

Dancing Frog

Big Maths is all about making maths fun and simple for children so that they build their confidence. To do this, you find out what a child knows, then you know what to teach next! Keep it simple! There are lots of games and activities that are brilliant for improving maths skills.

You’re not alone!

Teachers spend years learning and perfecting their craft, it is an amazing profession and they are special people. They are also under a lot of pressure to cover a very broad curriculum. For maths, if children spend just 10 minutes working on Basic Skills at home each day, they will make great progress! Anything more than this is a bonus but avoid stress and pressure.

If you have problems logging in to Big Maths Online, please ask your teacher for help. If your teacher can’t help, please email us…

Activities to try at home