Why Choose Big Maths?

Why Choose Big Maths?

  • Develop fluency through Basic Skills
  • Improve subject knowledge
  • Eradicate learning gaps
  • Maximise your budget
  • Over 15,000 tailored resources
  • In-depth, expert teacher guidance
  • The Big Maths Beat That Challenges
  • Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Big Maths has been an integral part of my teaching for a number of years.  The website is easy to navigate and has a wealth of resources to support the learning and teaching process.  I have watched my pupils make amazing progress from instant recall of number facts through regularly revisiting the Learn Its to understanding SAFE concepts with confidence.  I would highly recommend this resource!

Maths Leader – Falkirk, Scotland

Planning made simple!

Choose Big Maths to make planning a pleasure. Our medium and short-term planning tools allow you to build your daily lesson plans in simple clicks, adding resources for each step of learning. Our medium-term planning simplifies your curriculum, highlighting key considerations to help you space your class’s learning throughout the weeks to come. Our Learning Gaps tool is your solution to precise, responsive short-term planning.

Create plans for the whole class, groups, or individual pupils!

Save time
Learning Gaps

Learning Gaps- Welcome to Precision, Responsive Teaching!

Our ‘Beat That!’ challenges provide an immediate and accurate indication of a gap in learning. These insights facilitate precision, responsive teaching! In a few clicks, you can add every learning gap (with linked resources) into your lesson plan for the coming days or weeks.


The ‘Assessment Spine’ of Big Maths!

Every question in ‘Big Maths Beat That!’ is linked to a specific step of learning from the Big Maths framework. Every answer entered by a child allows you to identify any Learning Gaps immediately. For every learning gap, you can easily use the preceding skills to identify where you need to provide support to plug the gap.

Pupil Dashboard

Over 15,000 resources to make your job easier!

More than 15000 resources
Teacher Notes

Teacher Notes and Guidance

Each step has associated Teacher Notes to complement your subject knowledge and explain in simple terms what we are trying to achieve. Over 85% of teachers said that Big Maths has improved their subject knowledge and confidence to teach maths!