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Rated 5 out of 5
29th November 2021

I absolutely love………..BIG MATHS!!!!!!! AHHH i have been using big maths ever since i started primary school and still do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its an ENJOYABLE learning conception and i think so far to date untill now i have ENJOYED using big maths!!!!!!!!!!

Banipreet Ragi


Rated 5 out of 5
30th June 2021

I use big maths all the time! It’s amazing and boosts my big maths brain! I’m nearly on clic 17!


Response from Big Maths

Wow! Well done Jacob! Thank you for taking the time to tell us how much you like Big Maths. That makes us very happy. We hope you and all of your friends have a great summer!

I love Big Maths!

Rated 5 out of 5
11th February 2020

I love using the big maths online tools! I use the learning gaps tools to see where my children currently are and where I need to get them. I track them weekly and this enables me to see gaps quickly and plug them with new teaching. I love the planning tools that makes planning for big maths so easy. I especially love that resources available that match the learning steps so I don’t have to make them! This gives me more time to adapt resources if I need to for differentiation with my children. The children love the jingles for the learn it’s and completing their weekly tests to see if they have moved on up! It is really easy for children to make progress in maths as the steps are small and the teaching notes help develop subject knowledge too! A fantastic planning tool and one my school couldn’t be without!!

EMMA Chichester

Response from Big Maths

Thank you so much Emma! We love working with you too!

My 4 grand babies are thrilled with the big maths they use .

Rated 5 out of 5
9th February 2020

My daughter has 4 children 3 boys 9, 7 & 6 then a 2 year old girl! The boys all get taught big maths in their school then come home and teach their little sister what they have all done as well as sharing with each other. My eldest 2 grandsons both have autism and learning disabilities but they both really enjoy big maths I believe that it helps them to remain focused and helps them engage their brains as it’s a different way of learning! As my 6 year old grandson would say “it’s fun Granny I love maths now and want to do it everyday” the phone calls I get when they level up really make my day.

Morag Farrar

Response from Big Maths

Morag, thank you so much. For yourself and Robynne to share your feelings in this way is very humbling. We are so pleased to have helped.

Big maths

Rated 5 out of 5
9th February 2020

My little man may have autism, face many challenges & walk a path that’s not quite straight (it’s definitely not the path I thought he’d follow when he was born that’s for sure) but he is smashing every step and I couldn’t be prouder of him!!!! Big Maths has helped him to focus and the hard work and dedication he has developed is inspiring 🥰. The feedback and support from school shows Big Maths makes a big difference ! He has always enjoyed numbers but hes never really known what to do with them and through big maths he is learning fast . Hes 7 years old and until recently he struggled bit bot any more hes getting 8/10 9/10 & 10/10 regularly . 1 happy mumma and one happy little man ! I have 4 children and big maths has been a big hit with my 3 eldest, (my daughter is only 2) they love teaching their sister maths 😍

Robynne Pick

Response from Big Maths

Robynne, thank you so much. We are so grateful that, as a parent, you took the time to share this with us. We are so proud and happy to think that we helped your children’s amazing teachers and school to make such a difference.