The Maths Curriculum

Simple Progression for your Maths Curriculum

Where is the detail? We have the detail!

Big Maths sequences, and simplifies, your maths curriculum. It aligns broader curriculum statements to our detailed framework of progression. The level of detail in our Progress Drives and Learning Steps far exceeds any other approach that we have analysed.

Big Maths Overview
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It’s Natural!

We embraced the challenge of creating a framework of progression for the primary maths curriculum. Our research into Cognitive Load Theory and brain development (how children learn) informed the production of the most detailed and carefully sequenced maths learning journey that we are aware of. Everyone can recognise the natural logic of maths, and the need to guide children through a natural chronology of learning (every curriculum advises of the same). Big Maths is unique in embracing these natural steps, in their natural sequence, and the natural simplicity. It’s simple, first children learn a new skill and then they use it!

What if my curriculum changes?

Typically, maths schemes are designed to tick the boxes of government curriculum statements to make profit. They produce more detailed statements to ‘help’ teachers understand how to get children to the Age Related Expectations of the curriculum. Big Maths is different, we work from each child’s reality! When you know what a child knows, you know what to teach them next. To do this, we signpost the position of the national curriculum statement within the natural steps of maths to give a clear, stable progression that doesn’t change when government policy changes.

Even if your curriculum changes, the Big Maths pedagogy, and framework will not change! As we did for Wales in 2021, we will do the work for you, signposting the new statements/expectations, adjusting our tools, and updating resources. You should not anticipate a personal impact if you are using Big Maths!

Relax! We’ve got your back!

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