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Why 5,000+ teachers have switched to Big Maths from Maths Mastery

“It’s the best Maths resource that I’ve seen and used in many years of teaching. And it works!!! I now see children who love Maths and teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching the subject. I wouldn’t want to work any other way”

Challenges on iPad and iMac

What makes teaching maths difficult? Perhaps most significantly, the primary maths curriculum is designed with the end in mind, is based on age, and does not recognise your pupils. Furthermore, teaching a class is complex! We’ve mapped out all of the small, simple steps of learning from birth to the end of primary school, empowering you to accurately assess each child’s ability level.

Discover how Big Maths online learning platform and resources are designed to complement your subject knowledge and increase confidence in teaching maths. Most importantly, we help you to make learning maths fun and engaging.

As a small, family-run business based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, this is personal; every school, teacher, and pupil is important to us.