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Big Maths is your whole school solution to the entire primary maths curriculum!

The Definitive Assessment Framework Book contains every Progress Drive and Step that a child may take as they progress through the primary maths curriculum. It also contains license to download a large number of additional resources for use across a school. All of the content is available in Big Maths Online, but should you prefer to work from books, we recommend that schools purchase 1-3 copies of the book per school, depending on your size. This will act as a reference document for all staff members and will be your whole-school maths policy.

‘The Definitive Assessment Framework for Primary Mathematics’ contains:

  • an introduction to Basic Skills;
  • an introduction to Wider Maths;
  • a thorough description of the assessment process in Big Maths;
  • the CLIC Progress Drives;
  • the Little Big Maths Progress Drives;
  • the Wider Maths Progress Drives: SAFE, Column Methods and Dangerous Maths;
  • the Big Maths Beat That! Challenges: CLIC Challenges, Learn Its Challenges, SAFE Challenges and Numeracy Nailed Challenges;
  • the Big Maths Planning document which shows what to teach in which term for Basic Skills and Wider Maths;
  • all of the Progress Drives and Steps for ACLIC, CLIC, SAFE, Column Methods and ‘Dangerous Maths’ as a PDF;
  • teacher notes for the SAFE Challenge question steps; and
  • assessment proformas to track each child’s performance accurately and against national expectations..

The download folder contains country-specific content including planning and curriculum mapping. We will send an email with a link for your school.

ISBN: 978-0-9927337-3-5