Planning made simple

Big Maths Planning

Save hours of time every week!

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Planning made simple!

Big Maths makes planning a pleasure, allowing you to build your daily lesson plans in simple clicks, adding resources for each Step of learning.

Choose Steps for the whole class, groups or individual pupils, informed by our Medium Term Plans and Learning Gaps tool.

Medium Term Planning

Curriculum Objectives by Term

Our medium term planning distills and simplifies the curriculum, highlighting the following for each term:

  • New Learning
  • Ongoing Learning
  • Skills that should be revisited
  • Skills that are included in the Beat That! challenges this term
Medium Term Plans
Learning Gaps

Learning Gaps

Informed Weekly Planning

Thousands of schools have used our ‘Beat That!’ challenges, but not all recognised one of the main benefits – to ensure children have fun revisiting (improving retention) key learning goals every week.

Every question is linked to a step of learning, so incorrect answers can provide an immediate and accurate indication of a gap in learning. In a few clicks, you can add every learning gap into your lesson plan for the coming days or weeks. For every Learning Gap you can choose from the linked resources