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Fact Families

Fact Families show children a very pure form of ‘It’s Nothing New’, in other words, ‘Now we know this, we must also know this, this and this.’ Thinking of Fact Families as ‘Fact Family Triangles’ helps children to establish the lightening fast connections between 3 numbers.

Instead of trying to get children to learn all addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts with instant recall, just focus on them knowing 1d/1d facts for addition and multiplication along with one other thing… the Fact Family concept.

Fact Families
Fact Family Remember To...
Fact Triangles

Try it yourself

By practicing with Fact Families, focusing on 1d + 1d and 1d x 1d, the speed of mental calculations will increase dramatically. You can have a lot of fun ‘racing’ to provide the missing answers! Try using the Fact Triangles below which you can change numbers on by refreshing your screen (hit F5). Once you have worked out the total, write out the full fact family on paper.

Addition Fact Triangle

Multiplication Fact Triangle