Get Started
with Big Maths.

Training is essential for schools who want to implement the Big Maths pedagogy. We have been training teachers for over 12 years and pride ourselves in leaving staff enthused and inspired to get started in their own classrooms.

The Cost-Effective Maths Solution

Option 1

Basic Skills Package

This package is perfect for schools looking to develop fluency in Basic Skills. You can also implement it alongside another approach! Our dedicated Basic Skills Framework (CLIC) will give your school the guidance in developing in foundation of Basic Skills for each child.

Option 2

Full Curriculum Package

This is the whole school Big Maths approach. You will use our dedicated Basic Skill framework (CLIC) to develop the foundations children need before moving them on to wider maths like Shape, Fractions, Money, Time and Data.

We can tailor packages to your needs. Contact Us or call us on: 01924 229380 and we can discuss a package tailored to you.

We offer INSETs and twilights for schools looking to jump straight in. For more information get in touch here.