Formative and Summative Assessment.
Highlight Gaps in Learning.

Big Maths is the most detailed primary assessment resource a school can use. We have identified over 1,000 steps of knowledge a child needs to acquire from the age of 3 to the age of 11 and we have broken them up into a termly progression that is linked to your curriculum.

Our weekly assessments, called Big Maths Beat That!, are linked to a term of learning steps which means the assessments show you whether a child is on track to meet curriculum expectations and, most importantly, highlight even the smallest gap in learning.

Children Enjoy Maths.
Yes, You Read that Right.

Children love Big Maths. They look forward to challenging themselves each week because Big Maths encourages children to focus on beating their own score.

Nothing we say can convey this sense of enjoyment and achievement, so let’s see what the children think of it:

I like Big Maths because I like to beat my score and challenge myself.” (Ellie Y3, Longhill PS)

I love Big Maths, it’s fun and fast and I am learning all the time.” (Y5 child, Beck PS)

The children are eager to improve and look forward to their weekly challenges.” (Herbert Thompson PS)

Children enjoy the active learning style and routine. They love the jingle at the start of the Challenges and enjoy beating their own scores” (Langley Green PS)

It’s one thing reading it, it’s another seeing it, so have a look for yourself – #BigMaths

Free Assessment. Request Yours Now.

We are committed to helping schools in any way we can. That’s why we are giving away the assessment spine of Big Maths for free to any school that requests it. Fill out the form below and we will send an email to you within 48 hours with a download link to a resource pack. You will also receive four weekly emails with free advice from the creator, Ben Harding, to help you implement the challenges on a weekly basis.

The Big Maths Beat That! Challenges work for everyone. The children think it is so much fun that it must be for them, little do they know, it’s for you. Our weekly challenges will let you know exactly which step each child has secured and the gaps they have in their learning.

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Beat That!
Easier Online.

Our CLIC and Learn Its Challenges can be completed online, making them easy to complete and taking away the need to mark. The children’s scores are automatically saved into the system and teachers can easily access their results. The Learn Its challenge page has been designed to ensure children can answer the questions as quickly as possible. The faster they can answer it, the better.

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