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Give Basic Skills the focus it deserves and promote fluency throughout school.

Access helpful videos presented by the creator of Big Maths. Remember, we’re with you every step of the way.

Save hours of time per week so that you can focus on what you love the most, teaching.

What’s Included?

Progressive learning steps for your Maths curriculum.

Over 4,000 tailored resources at your fingertips.

Fun online Big Maths Beat That! Challenges.

Simple, efficient Lesson Planning area.

Teacher advice so you can teach every step with confidence.

Over 4,000 Resources. And Counting.

We are committed to saving as much time for teachers as possible, so that they can focus on what they love… teaching. Big Maths provides teachers with thousands of tailored resources.

Whether you need a Powerpoint for direct input or deeper learning activities, we have everything you need. So stop searching generic websites or creating from scratch and start accessing focused, tailored resources at the click of a button.

Classroom Resources.
To Compliment Your Teaching.

Making maths a fun and engaging lesson is easy when you have simple to use resources. Each resource we create has you and your children in mind, and tie seamlessly into the Big Maths Steps and Progress Drives.

Have a look at our new resources, we have Printed Prove It! Cards, a very popular online mastery resource that we have made into playing cards. These cards challenge children to investigate multiple possibilities and come up with more than one answer. We also have Posters, stickers, books, with even more to come in 2019!

Marking is Finished.
It’s the 21st Century.

Our CLIC and Learn Its Challenges can be completed online taking away the need to mark. The children’s scores are automatically saved into the system and teachers can easily access their results. The Learn Its challenge page has been designed to ensure children can answer the questions as quickly as possible. The faster they can answer it, the better.

For schools that aren’t technically able yet, we have you covered. Children can complete the challenges on paper for you to input their scores in our quick and easy data input area.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at how proud and engaged these children are – #BigMaths

Maths Knowledge.
At Your Fingertips.

Big Maths puts you at the heart of your class’ learning journey. We want to empower you to be the best maths teacher you can be without needing to spend hours of time reading countless text books or doing a degree in mathematics. Our detailed teacher notes are focused on giving you all the information you need. With these, you can approach any lesson with the knowledge of someone who has mastered mathematics so that you can develop the same mastery in others.

Keep Track. Effortlessly.

Keeping track of a pupil’s learning journey is important, so we made sure you have all the tracking tools you need to analyse progress and attainment as well as what each child got right and wrong on their weekly challenges. If you do the challenges online, all of the data will be automatically stored for you to view at the click of a button. It really can’t be any easier.

Why not share these progress reports with your children? It is an engaging way of communicating where they are on their learning journey and a great stimulus for a discussion on graphs!

Save More. When Booked with Training.

Training is essential for schools who want to implement the Big Maths pedagogy. We have been training teachers for over 12 years and pride ourselves in leaving staff enthused and inspired to get started.

During the training, teachers will explore the principles of Big Maths and how they can utilise the full potential of the step by step framework. We will show you how it works in both the classroom and the school as a whole. Big Maths helps you to ensure every child becomes fully numerate and meets the expectations of your curriculum. For more information on training, why not get in touch and discuss how we can transform your school’s approach to maths.

Talk to Us About Big Maths…

Big Maths is the way forward when it comes to teaching mathematics in your school. Contact us now to arrange a call to discuss how to move forward with the best implementation for you. Take the first step towards changing the way you teach maths. It’s time to rip up the rulebook and teach different.