Why Choose Big Maths?

Basic Skills

Why Choose Big Maths?

5 reasons why you should choose Big Maths.

What’s included?

Give Basic Skills the focus it deserves and promote fluency throughout school.

Improve subject knowledge across the school to develop a consistent approach to the teaching of maths. Read Ben’s blog about great teaching here: The 5 Mega Truths Of Great Teaching

Eradicate learning gaps and implement a robust and consistent assessment system that tracks and informs next steps of learning.

Maximise your budget. There is no need to invest in countless textbooks. Everything is online. Stretch your budget further by taking advantage of our Anniversary Offer.

Save hours of time per week so that you can focus on what you love the most, teaching. For more details on how we help to make planning simple, click here.

Every step of learning a child needs from the entry to school to the transition to secondary education.

Over 5,000 resources tailored to steps across our framework like lesson PowerPoints, and problem solving activities. Read more…

In depth, expert teacher guidance for every single step of learning so teachers get what they need, when they need it.

The Big Maths Beat That Challenges are completed online with all data feeding into the system. You can also print the paper copies. Read more…

Every skill mapped to your primary maths curriculum so that you are always meeting your national expectations.

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