Why Choose Big Maths?

Why Choose Big Maths?

  • Develop fluency through Basic Skills
  • Improve subject knowledge
  • Eradicate learning gaps
  • Maximise your budget
  • Over 5,000 tailored resources
  • In-depth, expert teacher guidance
  • The Big Maths Beat That Challenges    Read more…
  • Save hours of time every week

Planning made simple!

Big Maths makes planning a pleasure, allowing you to build your daily lesson plans in simple clicks, adding resources for each Step of learning. Our medium-term planning simplifies your curriculum, highlighting key considerations to help you space your class’s learning throughout the weeks to come.

Choose Steps and resources for the whole class, groups, or individual pupils!

Save time
Learning Gaps Tool

Learning Gaps – Welcome to Precision, Responsive Teaching!

Our ‘Beat That!’ challenges provide an immediate and accurate indication of a gap in learning. These insights facilitate precision, responsive teaching! In a few clicks, you can add every learning gap (with linked resources) into your lesson plan for the coming days or weeks.

Resources for every step