Mastery and Fluency in Small, Simple Steps

The Best Whole School Primary Maths Programme

Welcome to responsive, precision teaching!

When you know what a child knows, you know what to teach next!

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Big Maths reduces workload and increases confidence for teachers by identifying what each child knows, every week! Accurate Assessment for Learning identifies the next simple steps to teach. Our precisely targeted resources and a simple tool for identifying Learning Gaps make your life easier and save time. When you know what your children know, teaching maths is a pleasure!

Stronger Together

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Big Maths delivers fluency, mastery, and enjoyment of maths. As a small, Yorkshire-based, family-run business, for us it’s personal and every school is important to us. Children can log in from anywhere and with our Home Learning Packs, even in lockdown or self-isolation, you can still teach the Big Maths way! No gimmicks, no sales jargon, no hidden costs, we just want to help you enjoy maths.

What does Big Maths give you?

You get confident, fluent, happy mathematicians, engaged in their own learning as well as:

  • Simple, logical progression for every skill in the Maths Primary Curriculum – the original maths mastery model
  • Thousands of brilliant, bespoke resources including Lesson Powerpoints
  • Clever tools to Track Progress, Identify (and respond to) Learning Gaps, Plan your lessons and much more
  • Comprehensive Teacher Notes to consolidate subject knowledge and make maths a pleasure
  • The only approach that is powerful enough to support precise, responsive teaching for each child!

Teachers and Children LOVE Big Maths!

Children love the challenges

97% of teachers say their pupils enjoy Big Maths!

Children love Big Maths, understanding and focusing on their own progress, striving to ‘beat their best ever score’. Read more…

In a Big Maths school, you teach children according to their reality, not following an approach that leaves learning gaps because “next week we have to teach roman numerals!” Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at how proud and engaged children are –#BigMaths

95% of teachers say they would recommend Big Maths!

Key to the introduction of Big Maths into a school is the baseline assessment, which often reveals a large spread of ability in every classroom, with a huge number of learning gaps! We are always honest because when you experience this, you can trust us when we say that after a few weeks of addressing the gaps that your previous approach left you with, maths will be transformed for you!

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Your job is our passion! Big Maths continues to grow and develop into a mature, state-of-the-art digital system that supports implementation in school with the absolute minimum workload for teachers and school leaders.

You can easily and quickly navigate around every little step of the primary maths curriculum. At each digital step, you can access:

  • pedagogical guidance notes (to enhance subject knowledge),
  • teacher resources to support their delivery (such as Lesson PowerPoints),
  • pupil activities (such as practice sheets or problem-solving resources).
Teacher Notes

This digital flexibility leads to fast, meaningful planning providing every child with a bespoke digital textbook, without the cost and rigidity of a hard-copy textbook.

As a school we can’t recommend Big Maths highly enough!

At Globe Primary School, Big Maths:

  • manages pupils’ cognitive load and teacher workload
  • delivers a sequential curriculum covering National Curriculum expectations, embedding old learning and making new learning doable
  • provides a consistent but exciting pedagogical approach to Mathematics, enabling confident learners
  • gives a robust assessment system, which easily tracks the progress, attainment and next learning steps of cohort and individuals
  • offers transparency about the mathematical methods used in school