Maths Mastery through Basic Skills

Big Maths Online

It should not be possible to say what a child will be learning in a particular week in 2, 3, or more years’ time! Yet this is exactly what most approaches do! Teachers are told to follow a prescribed schedule of instruction on topics based on dates and age rather than the ability and reality of the children in their classes.

Big Maths was created to make teaching and learning maths simple, with Basic Skills at the heart of the learning journey. Child-friendly and personal, with spaced practice and enrichment activities that develop mental maths skills, fluency, and maths mastery.

CLIC – the natural progression in Basic Skills





‘comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity’.

No mastery teaching approach knows more about your children than you do, that is why Big Maths is designed to give you the resources, tools, and flexibility needed to guide each child’s learning. Our simple, unique ‘outward journey’ for each step of learning ensures spaced practice and retrieval, securing the skill in long-term memory.