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Get free access to online tools that help you carry out baseline assessments to identify the biggest maths learning gaps in your new class right now, all without any planning or marking necessary (hooray!). You’ll also receive tailored teaching resources to help you bridge those gaps right from the start, so that no pupil is left behind. We’ll also share some top techniques that will help you teach maths with confidence and better embed Maths skills with pupils.

* PLUS discover our top tips for planning your curriculum for the new academic year embracing a new approach to teaching maths that teachers prefer over Maths Mastery

You’ll get FREE access to…

Step 1

Assess Baseline Levels

Short online, interactive KS1 and KS2 baseline quizzes (no setup or student logins needed)

Step 2

Identify the biggest knowledge gaps

A report that identifies the 5 biggest learning gaps in your new class (with no marking necessary)

Step 3

Help pupils get up to speed

A selection of tailored resources to help fill your classes biggest learning gaps so you can hit the ground running with the new curriculum (without leaving any pupil behind)

Step 4

Discover a new teaching aproach

Discover a psychology-proven approach that embraces the natural laws and progression of skill to excel pupils’ maths learning potential without limiting them based on outdated, prescriptive age milestones.

Does September and October sometimes feel like a bit of a juggling act? You’re under pressure to hit the ground running with the new curriculum as soon as possible, however, before you can do any of that you’ve got to carry out baseline assessments which can feel like a mammoth task.

Not only that but it can be daunting identifying pupils’ individual learning gaps in subjects you’re least confident with, and for many primary school teachers that is maths.

That’s why here at Big Maths we’re here to help ease the pressure with our 4-step maths baseline toolkit.

Identify pupils learning gaps (with no marking necessary) but also provides you guidance and resources to help bridge those gaps so no pupil gets left behind.

Get FREE access to your teacher toolkit for baseline assessment & intervention

Get to know your new KS1/KS2 classes Maths abilities, made easy!

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